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Commedia dell'Arte Masks

Famous Italian Masked Comedy Italy, circa 1550-1700
Dozens of unusual, decorated art masks and wall sculptures from Italy to decorate homes, hotels, offices, & clubs. Gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, parties, Christmas, Hannuka, Easter and Halloween .

Decorators, designers, performers, mask collectors love these rare original Italian art masks.

Masks were extremely popular in Italy during the middle ages. Actors entertained audiences with their antics which often reflected the current scandals and politics of the day.

Some of the most well known characters are:

Pug-nosed, playful, mischievous, prankster. Few inhibitions. Spontaneous and outspoken-even vulgar.

Old miser of Venice. Chases ladies. Very gullible and taken advantage of by everyone. Large protruding nose. Very agile.

Il Capitano
The Captain. A very long nosed Spanish soldier. A braggart, who is in reality scared of his own shadow, like the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz)

Nascone- Dr. Peste
The plague doctor. Large penguin-like nose originally was filled with spices that were intended to ward off the plague in the Middle Ages. He meddles in everyone's business.

A witty but cruel and dishonest character from Naples. A fat bellied hunchback. Large nose resembles that of a parrot's beak. Carries a stick.

The neutral mask has virtually no expression. Impossible to show any feelings except by use of the body. Useful for teaching acting.

Famous for his love of a lady, but his very long nose made him self-conscious and shy.

(More information is available from libraries under the subject: Commedia dell'Arte. Italy. q.v.)