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About Our Company Florentine Masks

Florentine Masks, brings these special Italian masks, and mask making, to a growing number of people throughout the world who love masks and mask making.
Wendy Steen-Olsen taught mask making in Malibu, California, and Florence, Italy to UCLA drama students.
In Italy Steen-Olsen discovered the famous workshop of Alice le Maschere/Firenze of Papier Maché in Florence, and the work of artist BIJAN.

The Italian Workshop
Anyone who has ever stumbled onto the little shop in Piazza Pitti, across from the famous Pitti Palace Art Museum will never forget the awesome sight of hundreds of shining gold, silver, and painted masks hanging all over the walls and suspended from the ceilings.
Everyone takes home at least one mask as a special gift and one for themselves.

Florentine masks are particularly interesting to art lovers for their unusual decoration. Fine reproduction drawings, etchings, and painting of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and other artists, combined with the use of 14k gold leaf and signed by the artist make them very collectible.

The masks are moulded in the traditional way with layers of papier maché (cartapesta), resulting in a light weight but very strong mask. Each piece is hand decorated, lined, and has a hanger. Masks have ribbons attached for wearing.

Hundreds of masks and wall decorations, offered in a choice of different finishes. Masks for children, masks for young and old, male and female.

Male Torsos
Sculptured male torsos, front and rear sections, by Michelangelo, in gold, bronze, gold & silver, drawn in black and white after Leonardo da Vinci, or just plain antique white resembling marble all available in 4 sizes.

Female Torsos
Various female torsos in all finishes, the largest a full life-size voluptuous figure over 30 inches high, and "The Birth", a 'slightly pregnant" lady full size, cast from life. Other delightful small female torsos are Monica and Paola, 12" & 10" high in all finishes, and stick mask Donna Figura.


We have several sized wall sculptures of Michelangelo's world famous statue of David in Florence of which one art collector says, "I was awe-struck by its beauty and overwhelmed by its grandeur, power and grace".
The large Head of David, formed in papier maché 30" in height, and available in all finishes, comes with or without the hair section.
Fragments of David - the large profile (Frammentone) 56"x 32" and Hand of David 30"x 16". We also have original size sections of the head which are very beautiful.

The smallest measures 8"x 6" a finely detailed fragment of the David profile in multiple sizes and finishes.

Wall Decorations
Sun, Moon, & Figure 24", - a very popular piece.
We have Suns, Moons and several combinations of suns and moons.

Two unusual head masks are the Horse and Unicorn. Both can be worn comfortably yet make beautiful wall decorations.